Henna Hair Treatment

My mother is an avid henna treatment fan, she uses it on both her hair and nails. Not even once have I ever seen her nails clear of henna, and for those who know her you can also attest to that. Every last Friday of the month she’d give me the task of mixing henna powder and plain water in a bowl to form a paste, let it rest for around 30 minutes then she’d apply it on her hair from the roots upwards.

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Tips on how to go Grey beautifully


As promised today is when we get to unravel a few tips on how to take care of your grey hair and ditch the dye. You have to do extra work with maintaining your hair as compared to those with normal/ ordinary hair.

Here goes:

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The Real OG’s

Having had natural hair for as long as I can remember, I never thought of it as anything unique really. My childhood was perfectly normal nothing out of the usual when it came to my hair. Mum always combed it or had it in ‘matutas’, I hated the salon to be honest so she was basically the only woman who I allowed to touch my hair. If I had to go to the salon it was either to have my hair straightened which took forever or have Mama nani do some five to six plaited lines on my small head. I remember crying almost every visit cause of how painful that process was I’d hide under the Continue reading