Henna Hair Treatment

My mother is an avid henna treatment fan, she uses it on both her hair and nails. Not even once have I ever seen her nails clear of henna, and for those who know her you can also attest to that. Every last Friday of the month she’d give me the task of mixing henna powder and plain water in a bowl to form a paste, let it rest for around 30 minutes then she’d apply it on her hair from the roots upwards.

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Step 2: Wash day


Friday is finally here, as promised a preview of my wash day routine. The norm since I can remember is you had to go to a salon pay at least sh. 70/- to get you hair washed and then an extra amount to have it straightened or have the “full blow dry”.

You’d walk into a salon , a woman most times would say hi, ask what you want. You tell her, she then looks at your hair and concludes that it’s too dirty and needs thorough washing before straightening it. You oblige cause well, she’s the expert on hair and who are you to say no to her.

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