New Perspective

It’s a Friday morning; the weather does not look as promising though. The sun rays are nowhere to be seen it looks like it’s going to rain sometime in the course of the day, but then again Nairobi’s weather is a little bit bipolar. You can’t be too sure on what to expect. I’m running late for school, I should have been there an hour ago but here I am aimlessly taking my time.

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Natural Hair 101

Hey guys, Its Monday again. Hope ya’ll are ready for the week ahead cause I’m not I can’t wait for Friday to get here already. I just want to sleep, eat of course and have a rerun of Scandal but that’ll have to wait, till then survival mode; taking it a day at a time.

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That Sunday Morning

It was a hot Sunday afternoon, I was at home watching Auntie Boss on Ntv I think it’s the funniest local program I have seen in a while. Shiro cracks me up to be honest and Varshita ha, she’s a tad bit too much for me and for Donovan too apparently. I hope I’m not the only fan around. With that I was also Continue reading