New Perspective

It’s a Friday morning; the weather does not look as promising though. The sun rays are nowhere to be seen it looks like it’s going to rain sometime in the course of the day, but then again Nairobi’s weather is a little bit bipolar. You can’t be too sure on what to expect. I’m running late for school, I should have been there an hour ago but here I am aimlessly taking my time.

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Naturally me!


“Hello Lovelies,

I know I promised to do better but I guess that too was a hoax and again I’m sorry. Its been a rough couple of days for me, not in terms of getting engaged with stuff or anything like that but rough in terms of me feeling completely exhausted with my life. It’s like I just want to stay in bed the whole day and do nothing constructive at all, it sucks that I feel this way. I go to bed as early as possible, sleep and wish that morning never gets here. I’m I the only one who feels like this?” Continue reading