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He was tall, dark and handsome…

So yet again I let you delve into my life. Mum, my mum introduced me to his mum. His mum and my mum happened to be so much alike after I got to know her. Brown skin, strict disciplinarians, very beautiful hair, opinionated, spiritual etc We cultivated our friendship and became really good friends. Then one day she gave me his number. I was joining campus. The same campus he was in and what she told me was, there is his number, call him, talk to him am sure he will take good care of you. So I did! I called him, very scared of-course. In my mind I pictured he’d think-now who is this girl and why exactly would she want to be my  friend? She just finished her O levels so there is nothing in common between us…-first forward, we met. We…

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Meet Penninah!


We text once a month or maybe even twice, I don’t know. Can’t remember the last time her and I talked on a phone call. I saw her a month and a half ago on a hot sunny Saturday, we had milkshake and some white forest cake; broke the 21 day rule again-no sugar or junk, but its allowed right??  And when we meet we tend to talk more than usual, mostly a rerun of every little thing from family, boys, school and the life matters.

Penninah is her name.

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