Co-Washing Your Natural Hair

Each and every one of us, well most of us appreciate the sense of a clean body after a long day of hard work, sweat and dirt. But what we tend to forget is our hair needs some of that cleaning every now and then too, many are guilty of neglecting this fine piece of art that lies on our scalps though.

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Step 1: Pre-Pooing

Today is the day, as promised we are about to embark on the step by step process to basically help you all understand what I do to my hair. The compliments make me want to sleep in my shoes, that Kenyan joke never gets old. But it’s true, if it wasn’t for the all the love and the hate too I wouldn’t be posting all this right now. Just as a plant starts its life as a seed, so does the hair journey start from somewhere. We won’t get to step Z if we don’t understand step A and the perks that come with it, right? So let’s dig in, shall we?

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