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Hey Mr. Coelho!

I have been saving up since January and the goal was to get myself at least five books on my birthday which is in May. I am committed to buying myself a book every month if possible even two, need to stock up that shelf and read more of course. Book shopping is really fun and disappointing at the same time. Why is it that books have to be so expensive honestly? Why is knowledge expensive? If I was in charge I’d give books for free to everyone, just like Continue reading

April & Oliver

20170108_091226I got this book from a dear friend of mine,  (don’t mind the worn out desk in the picture, lots of studying led to it looking like that ha! ) at first I didn’t exactly like it. I carried it around for months in my bag always thinking I’ll come around to reading it while in traffic maybe but that didn’t happen. I had lost the enthusiasm to read or even pick a book. A phase maybe.  Glad it passed and the moment I picked this book up to actually read it , I couldn’t stop myself. I was done in four freaking days, that’s how I roll my fellow friends 🙂 Mind you its 326 pages, I did well , yes I sure did.

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