Calico Joe


Months ago on this blog I did my first ever Taking Stock one, I remember promising myself to read all John Grisham’s books.

I failed terribly.

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April & Oliver

20170108_091226I got this book from a dear friend of mine,  (don’t mind the worn out desk in the picture, lots of studying led to it looking like that ha! ) at first I didn’t exactly like it. I carried it around for months in my bag always thinking I’ll come around to reading it while in traffic maybe but that didn’t happen. I had lost the enthusiasm to read or even pick a book. A phase maybe.  Glad it passed and the moment I picked this book up to actually read it , I couldn’t stop myself. I was done in four freaking days, that’s how I roll my fellow friends 🙂 Mind you its 326 pages, I did well , yes I sure did.

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