Hey Dad!


I have this thing with hair, like black natural hair to be exact, grey too no prejudices here , no chemicals or anything on it just plain free hair. It’s very chic and adorable to look at, I believe every human on earth should just stick by it. I find it very intriguing how as a kid you are born with a ka small portion of hair and with each day, each month, each year more of it grows. ‘As a kid I never understood what I observed and some of it was strange,  but most of it disturbed me’, sorry that just came out ;), it’s the kids song  B.o.B, I just adore his music generally. Oh as I was saying, as a kid I never understood what all the fuss was all about, with hair that is. It’s like it was the main focus of each and every mother in town, to ensure that their girl had the overrated multicolored beads on each stand of hair available on their heads. Continue reading