Enjoy the Ride


I get home at around thirty minutes past 8.p.m, I’m starving to death considering the last meal I had had been in the morning. I need food and lots of it for that matter, at this moment I don’t really care how ugly I look stuffing some red velvet cupcakes my sister brought home on Saturday. After having two I decide to stop there and rethink the choices I make with what I put in my body, but it’s just two cupcakes. Not ten just two, blame it on my sister though. They were irresistibly sweet, guess I’ll use that as my excuse.

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A day well spent at the Hairitage Chronicles

It was finally here guys, the event I had been waiting for ever since I learnt of its existence an year ago. Hairitage Festival is the name. Cool combination ey? Personally I don’t think I would have thought of the name but Nurtured Knotts community did. As you can give a guess it obviously revolves around natural hair and much more than you can imagine. Beauty products, jewelry, fashion apparels and natural hair products was the sight to behold when I got to Jiweke Tavern along Ngong road, Nairobi on 11th March 2017.

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This is it!


Anyone watched Moana yet?

I have and yes I do watch animations from time to time, not that much of a fan though apart from the finest, incredible, magnificent Lion King. I had a huge crush on Kovu, remember him. He was Scar’s adopted son and Kiara’s bae ha-ha. I crushed on him till I was old enough to understand he was never going to be mine, weird enough considering he was a lion. Did I really crush on a lion guys?

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Hello April!


Happy New Month 🙂

Three months down the line already, have I done anything worthy with my time since the year started? For once in a very long time my answer will most definitely be a huge yes! When the year started I made a list of a lot things I want to change in my life, I found it neatly folded inside my diary yesterday.

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Step 2: Wash day


Friday is finally here, as promised a preview of my wash day routine. The norm since I can remember is you had to go to a salon pay at least sh. 70/- to get you hair washed and then an extra amount to have it straightened or have the “full blow dry”.

You’d walk into a salon , a woman most times would say hi, ask what you want. You tell her, she then looks at your hair and concludes that it’s too dirty and needs thorough washing before straightening it. You oblige cause well, she’s the expert on hair and who are you to say no to her.

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My All Day go-to

Once you go natural, you get bombarded by all this new information from the internet. You are as naïve and you do whatever it takes to get to your goal, you do as they say from A to Z. You research and spend so much money on products which won’t make any change on your hair whatsoever, then end up frustrated and angry when you don’t see any results. What I have come to learn is you don’t have to do as they say. Do what you like and stick to what works best for you and your hair.

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