A Rose Un-pluck

Brace yourself for the long post ahead; A poem done by a good friend who earnestly implored me to not mention his name. I hope you all enjoy it 🙂

Here goes:-


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Naturallynn is back :)

Its been 97 days and counting since I was last here, it might seem like an eternity to my loyal followers but for me it was a much-needed break. I apologize for just taking off with no notification whatsoever but I believe you’ll forgive me seeing that we’re all but human and we have to be selfish just for sanity’s sake sometimes.


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Enjoy the Ride


I get home at around thirty minutes past 8.p.m, I’m starving to death considering the last meal I had had been in the morning. I need food and lots of it for that matter, at this moment I don’t really care how ugly I look stuffing some red velvet cupcakes my sister brought home on Saturday. After having two I decide to stop there and rethink the choices I make with what I put in my body, but it’s just two cupcakes. Not ten just two, blame it on my sister though. They were irresistibly sweet, guess I’ll use that as my excuse.

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This is it!


Anyone watched Moana yet?

I have and yes I do watch animations from time to time, not that much of a fan though apart from the finest, incredible, magnificent Lion King. I had a huge crush on Kovu, remember him. He was Scar’s adopted son and Kiara’s bae ha-ha. I crushed on him till I was old enough to understand he was never going to be mine, weird enough considering he was a lion. Did I really crush on a lion guys?

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Hello April!


Happy New Month 🙂

Three months down the line already, have I done anything worthy with my time since the year started? For once in a very long time my answer will most definitely be a huge yes! When the year started I made a list of a lot things I want to change in my life, I found it neatly folded inside my diary yesterday.

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