My All Day go-to

Once you go natural, you get bombarded by all this new information from the internet. You are as naïve and you do whatever it takes to get to your goal, you do as they say from A to Z. You research and spend so much money on products which won’t make any change on your hair whatsoever, then end up frustrated and angry when you don’t see any results. What I have come to learn is you don’t have to do as they say. Do what you like and stick to what works best for you and your hair.

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The Lifesaver everyone should use!!

Everyone has it, everyone uses it and lots of great benefits to this cheap beauty must have. Ever since I was aware of my existence I remember my mother forcing my siblings and I to use it. It bored me to death cause it didn’t exactly smell as nice as the ‘upcoming” moisturizers at the time, lotions. Continue reading