Co-Washing Your Natural Hair

Each and every one of us, well most of us appreciate the sense of a clean body after a long day of hard work, sweat and dirt. But what we tend to forget is our hair needs some of that cleaning every now and then too, many are guilty of neglecting this fine piece of art that lies on our scalps though.

Note that for the African descent population, our hair is not designed  to be washed on a day-to-day basis reason being that we tend to have highly textured and very coily/kinky hair as compared to other ethnicities, this makes it harder for the naturals oils we produce to completely cover the shaft and with that means less oil less dirt. More so if one is using a sulphate shampoo (which is not recommended) then washing should be limited and stretched to even once a month or so. But that doesn’t mean that you let your hair take in on the worldly dirt for 4 whole weeks ; With that comes an accumulated smudge and a build up of natural oils and that’s not good for your hair, is it? No it’s not.

P.S if you wanna learn about my wash day click here.

And that my friends is why Co-Wash was invented. This is the cleansing process that tends to happen on a weekly or bi weekly basis using a conditioner and a conditioner only. It takes the place of shampoos and has the benefit of freshening up your hair, softening it, defining the curl pattern and eliminating the chemicals that come with the shampoo.

The process is simple and straight to the point , follow these steps and you’ll be as good as new 🙂

ION: I’ve had my hair in mini two strands twists for the past one month. As I do the co wash I do so with them still intact, this is easily manageable and reduces breakage as my hair is brittle and fragile when wet.

Here’s how I go about with my co wash routine:

  1. I always start with rinsing my hair in lukewarm water just to remove the debris and dirt, repeating the process till the water runs clear. It’s important at this stage to massage the scalp as you rinse.
  2. After drying my hair with an old t-shirt ensuring that it’s not dripping wet but damp I then apply the Mosara’s rich conditioner into each section evenly. Repeat with the scalp massage.
  3. I proceed to cover my hair with a shower cap or a plastic bag in case you don’t have a shower cap; they serve the same purpose. Look out for NEMA guys though, you don’t want to end up in court or jail for having a plastic bag in your possession 🙂 So I’d suggest you invest in a good shower cap. Have it on for an hour or even less, but for those with a steam cap 5 to 10 minutes is okay.
  4. When the time is up, remove the shower cap/plastic bag/steam cap and start detangling your hair in bits. Considering that my hair is in mini twists I usually skip this step and get straight to rinsing.
  5. I rinse the conditioner out thoroughly again till I ensure that the water is clear and I don’t have any left over conditioner.
  6. I dry my hair using that ka old t-shirt I mentioned before and I’m off to re doing my mini two strand twists while applying some leave in conditioner and hair butter to seal in the moisture.

How easy was that, try it out and tell me what you think.

Till next time,

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