Blue Sky July


In the busy streets of Nairobi, Mel and I walk past the walls of human traffic jam as we struggle to find our way to the matatu terminus around Tom Mboya Street. Before we get there, just next to Tuskys Imara we stumble upon a second-hand book vendor with a sign reading ’Vitabu- 50 bob’ meaning that he’s selling the books at 50 Kenyan shillings about 0.5 dollars and well who would be stupid enough to pass such a ridiculous offer; and so we dig right in.

After a couple of minutes, which seemed like an eternity in hell considering the stream of people unknowingly poking you with their luggage, I got a book.

Blue Sky July is the title. It’s a true story.

Nia and Alex are having a baby in the summer of ’98, they are beyond ecstatic. They both work at the paper press Western Mail, Nia is a writer for the paper and Alex is more of a photographer. The two prepare the nursery and are more than ready to receive their new bundle of joy. On August 29th at 1.07 pm, Joe Alexander is born and weighs a perfect six pounds and twenty ounces, his parents are enlightened. But at 3.16 pm their new sense of happiness and miracle  takes a complete turn, Joe’s skin turns into duskier shade of pearl and he’s wheeled off to the Intensive Care Unit.

So apparently Nia had been diabetic and the doctors didn’t pick it up, this caused issues for Joe and the doctor does his best to stabilize him, all he needs is glucose he says.

Weeks have passed but Nia notices something is just not right with her son. She takes him back to the hospital but the doctors insist that there’s nothing to worry about. With a couple of continuous tireless trips to the hospital, not until January is when the doctors finally diagnose Joe with Cerebral Palsy.

Nia takes us through the life of Joe and herself unfolding their extraordinary relationship for nine years.

‘This book is a testament to power of a mother’s unconditional love for her son’.

It kept me real busy during the Kenyan election period, was glued to it straight-out and it was a great distraction from what was going on in the political scene of the country. Taught me more than I can tell, I’m not a mother yet but how Nia portrayed it all inspired me with valuable lessons. The perfection of a child even when the world is bent on labeling them as broken, only the mother knows.

Guess 50 Kenyan shilling books are not that bad huh?

Till next time,

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