Naturallynn is back :)

Its been 97 days and counting since I was last here, it might seem like an eternity to my loyal followers but for me it was a much-needed break. I apologize for just taking off with no notification whatsoever but I believe you’ll forgive me seeing that we’re all but human and we have to be selfish just for sanity’s sake sometimes.


I fought ceaselessly with myself on whether to either continue doing this blogging, writing thing halfheartedly or just stop and disappear for a while, and let’s just say I clearly went with the latter. The ‘while’ period took a whole lot more than the two weeks that I had earlier on set for myself, the weeks turned to a month and before I knew it, it was three months down the line.

Naturallynn, my brand was something I’ve always had in my head for years, since 2013 I think. I remember mentioning it to my cousin and she told me to go for it, but I was too clouded with fear and with that came procrastinated dreams and miscalculated choices for my future. Till recently though say early this year, I tried pushing and putting it out there more to the public, the results were good but not good enough for me. They were more or less okay and I don’t like okay, I wanted more; and with such thoughts came regrets and wishing I did things differently. Problem was I didn’t know how different I wanted them to be, I’ll admit I still don’t hold the answer to this but I’m gradually working on it.

These past few months have been good to me, I’ve been thinking and prolly over thinking for the most part. More so based on what I really want and how hard do I really want it. Figured there’s no point in trying to put up posts almost every week, when deep down my body and spirit are so far behind. It was wrong for me to take all this lightly and that’s one of the reasons I decided to take a break. To revamp, restrategise and revisit all my actions moving forward.

I don’t want to sound too optimistic but I have a whole lot of things lined up for this blog and sure do hope that you guys will stay on course with me to actually discover what that really means. I sincerely want to thank those who texted, called and even emailed to ask and check up on me, highly appreciated ๐Ÿ™‚

We can only hope for more better days ahead as I struggle finding my way through this journey.

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Till next time,

#benatural #staynatural #naturallynn .


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