Ramadan Mubarak

Its Ramadan season guys!!


The holiest time of the year when it comes to the Muslim calendar, oh yes it is. Every single day for the entire month, they fast from the sunup to sundown.

I’m I the only one who gets excited during this month, not just cause of the public holiday or the food (which of course are things to look forward to, can’t wait 🙂 ) but because of the discipline you see in them. It’s just above and beyond how dedicated they’re.

I figured I go around asking my Muslim friends, if there’s anything I can do so that I don’t come across as being a bad friend or kind of insensitive during this time.

Here’s what they got to say:

  1. Please don’t always ask how it feels to fast for an entire day, you don’t have to fast with us but you can if you want to see how it goes. It’s not going to hurt any of our feelings if you don’t. It’s just a thing we have to do on our own, even if we’re friends.
  2. It’s absolutely fine for you to eat in front of us; we’re supposed to abstain from drinking and eating for strictly the next 30 days during daylight hours. Try to understand when we take a pass when you try to share.
  3. As much as during the day we can’t share a meal, it’s totally fine if you join us for Iftar (breaking of the fast after sundown). Come as you’re, we love a communal meal. Your company will be much appreciated.
  4. We can still have coffee breaks, just remember we can’t drink. Yes, even water is not allowed. But that does not mean you shouldn’t go on about with your business, just don’t forget tip (2)
  5. For the love of God do not say something like “I’ve been wanting to lose weight, I think I should fast too”. It’s so annoying and the most insensitive thing you can ever say.
  6. Imagine you not drinking or eating for an entire day. You’ll get some kind of breath right? Halitosis. When you see us keeping our distance, now you know why. *inserts giggle*

Oh one added that it would also be very thoughtful of you, if in any case you meet up with them and just say “Ramadan Mubarak” meaning Happy Ramadan. Same thing as how during Christmas season we go around saying Merry Christmas.

That’s all I got, I’m no expert here. I listed down what I was told, so feel free to add to the list in the comment section down below if I didn’t put up everything.

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Thank you 🙂

Again, Ramadan Mubarak!!

#benatural #staynatural #naturallynn



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