Henna Hair Treatment

My mother is an avid henna treatment fan, she uses it on both her hair and nails. Not even once have I ever seen her nails clear of henna, and for those who know her you can also attest to that. Every last Friday of the month she’d give me the task of mixing henna powder and plain water in a bowl to form a paste, let it rest for around 30 minutes then she’d apply it on her hair from the roots upwards.

Leave it overnight and rinse it in the morning followed by the usual regimen, shampooing then put in some cute pink rollers she likes so much, for the curls I think.

I always assumed this as a tiresome process; it really is when you think about it. The whole mixing and applying and overnight thing just seems like a whole lot of work. Plus the amount of water she used to clean out the paste was beyond, I didn’t like that ha-ha.

Little did I know I’d be following this trend soon enough, a year ago I figured why not? So I went ahead took some of her henna and did the exact thing she has always done every month but added a few things I’d researched on. I definitely wasn’t disappointed by the results, what I loved more was the strength and the life my hair had. Oh and when I was out in the sun my hair kind of had some aspect of color to it, someone told me it looked dark ‘purplish’ considering purple is one my favorite colors. I took the compliment happily.

Unfortunately, the last time I did this was about two months ago I know I know I’m disappointed in myself too. I’m getting back on track though, tomorrow is wash-day and guess what? Henna is back!!

What you need:

  • Henna Powder (preferably one with less chemicals and is more natural, I use the one which is produced in Sudan-bought it at best lady cosmetics at around 80 Kenyan shillings)
  • Vinegar (available at all supermarket outlets for less than 100 Kenyan shillings)
  • Tea Bag (any of your choice)
  • Plain Warm Water
  • Bowl
  • Cup
  • Plastic Spoon

What to do:

  • Place a generous amount of the henna powder in the bowl.
  • In the meantime have your tea bag in a cup of freshly warm water and let it infuse for a few minutes as you would a normal cup of tea.
  • Pour the tea in the bowl as you consistently stir with your plastic spoon, ensure the thickness is tacky similar to that of glue or porridge for the fans out there 🙂
  • Add around two to three drops of vinegar to the mix as you stir.
  • Let it sit for around 30 minutes, apply it on your dry hair and cover with a shower-cap or plastic bag. You can have it over night or for 1-2 hours or until it dries up, whichever suits you best.

Rinse your hair with lukewarm water and ensure the henna is all out, some flakes will be stuck to your hair but you must continue to rinse it out. After that you can now go ahead and clean your scalp and hair, I shared my wash routine. Click the link to find out how I do it https://naturallynn.com/2017/03/31/step-2-wash-day/

That’s all there is to henna hair treatment. I have a few strands of grey hair; the henna tends to make it brownish. So if you don’t want that and you have grey hair then henna is not for you.

Try it out and tell me how it goes. It’s definitely worth the trouble.

P.S It is very advisable to first test a small amount of hair before applying the henna all over. You don’t wanna do it then realize you are allergic right? So take caution first.

Also clean the bowl thoroughly trust me you don’t want the henna staining everything; I’ve had a bad experience before. I now have a bowl specifically meant for my hair treatments, you should too, and it’s worthwhile.

Remember, what works for me may not necessarily do so for you. Respect your hair and bear in mind that every one of us uniquely different from head to toe.

Till next time,

#benatural #staynatural #naturallynn


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