Calico Joe


Months ago on this blog I did my first ever Taking Stock one, I remember promising myself to read all John Grisham’s books.

I failed terribly.

I’m pretty sure he’s very much disappointed in me, although he has no idea a girl from Africa who’s a fan of his exists. As I put out that post I was halfway done with one of his books, Calico Joe. A day or two later I happened to finish it.

I remember picking this book up from the library shelf, looking at the title I assumed it was about a guy named Joe, I got that part right but the part I didn’t get nor understand was what Calico meant. After surpassing a couple of pages, it was clear that Calico Rock was just a place in Arkansas. With that means that the book is about a guy from Calico Rock called Joe Castle, Simple as that. He plays for the Cubs, a popular baseball team and is known as the team’s golden boy.

The book revolves around a perhaps forty year old, Paul Tracy, son to one of the most renowned baseball players, Warren Tracy; pitcher for the New York Mets. Warren was a troubled man who beat up his wife ( Paul’s Mum) and had very high expectations of his kids, Paul mostly who was also a baseball player. He rarely met those expectations, but there were moments of promise.

In Mid-July 1973 a game between the Mets and the Cubs turned sour in a contest from which no winners emerged. Warren and Joe played this game and no one really knows what went wrong and why the end was ambiguous.

Thirty years later, after Paul learns that his father is dying, it all brings back memories of that day flooding back. Deciding that it’s time to face up to what really happened on that baseball field, father and son make way to Calico Rock where it’s either redemption or rejection awaiting them.

This book is enjoyable and considering I’m not a baseball fan I thought I wouldn’t go past page 10, but I did. Mr.Grisham makes it so easy to understand to be honest; at some point you forget about the game and focus on the story that lies underneath.

I’ve read it more than two times and I’d do it again.

Next Plan, get another John Grisham book. Hope I stick to this.

Great week ahead people!!

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