Still a Mum


There are many things that can ruin your Sunday afternoon. For me, is when Kenya power willingly go ahead and decide that we need a break from the continuous supply of electricity, and so the black –out lives on. I am bored to death; I’ve done everything possible to lure it out but nothing.

I’m going through a bunch of newspapers in an abandoned drawer; they’re all dusty but this does not deter me, I need to read something. I find the Daily Nation Saturday Magazine pull out,  take a glimpse and don’t remember ever reading it, although the crossword is halfway done and it’s my handwriting. Ha I guess I’m losing some of my memory.

Taking my sweet time, half an hour later I’m on to page 14 the subheads reads “I wish I had talked about losing my baby sooner”. Sounds interesting enough and I’m deep into it already.

It’s based on a lady called Vivian Gaiko, she lost her first child, 16 week old Princess Amani to neonatal sepsis, some kind of breathing complication. After the burial of her baby she was left to deal with the caesarean scar, a daily reminder of the tragedy. She went through depression and almost committed suicide twice, but she had an epiphany one day when she almost choked on a piece of potato. This strengthened her resolve and she made the choice to live fully.

She later on birthed the Empower Mama Foundation to help parents who have lost their babies by offering psychological and social support. Today she is a proud mother of a three-month old baby boy.

There’s more to it but I’m sure you guys get the flow. The story had me thinking and I felt sorry for her and every other person who has gone through this. I also got scared and imagined if that was me, contemplating the death of my child. Not sure how I’d handle it.

All this comes down to one thing though, Vivian and all the women around the globe who have lost their children; you are still mothers.

The society generally assumes that for one to be a mother they have to be at least twenty-five years of age and above, have a spectacular career, live the life, have a baby to hold and obviously be united in holy matrimony to a man. If you fall out of this bracket then you are an outcast and people will think of you as the fallen one, who decided to have it their own way. Sometimes it’s never a decision made, life just happens and you find yourself going through it.

I am not a mother and may not understand all that’s involved with it, but I’ve met so many mothers in my lifetime to kind of understand how it goes. These women live and breathe their children; they have it all out for them. Everything they do is aimed to better their kids’ lives and affect them positively.

We also have the women who cannot be able to conceive and carry a child in their womb, but they take their time to nurture young kids and ensure that they make a difference in the children’s lives. There’s also the other group who rather adopt and have it that they give another human being who’s not generally from the same blood line, a future and a family. Lastly not forgetting the men who raise their children alone, the widowers and they that have had their baby mamas walk out on them and their baby.

Times have changed and we as a people should also do the same. Adapt to how life comes at us instead of remaining stagnant and expecting things to go our way. Try not to judge those who get pregnant early, step-mothers, those who are barren, those that adopt, single fathers and they that have lost their children.

All honors goes to these special people who play the role of a mother so gently and passionately. You carry your children with utmost love and care through life’s journey, you are my inspiration.

Happy Mother’s day!!

Have a fantastic week ahead.

#staynatural #benatural #naturallynn

(oh and 6 hours later Kenya Power decided to be good to us, my Sunday just go better 🙂 )



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