Tips on how to go Grey beautifully


As promised today is when we get to unravel a few tips on how to take care of your grey hair and ditch the dye. You have to do extra work with maintaining your hair as compared to those with normal/ ordinary hair.

Here goes:

  1. Cleansing: We all use shampoo to clean our hair; or rather that’s what we saw in salons while growing up, so we got accustomed to that fact. What people tend to forget is that such shampoos are made with harsh chemicals that are not good for your natural hair and health either. For naturally grey hair it tends to soak up other colors and is likely to appear yellowish, bluish or even greenish. One should therefore use a natural cleanser to avoid any chemical build –up that leads to discoloration. You can check out my cleansing process on Step 2: Wash Day
  2. Moisturizing: Melanin, which creates the black color, is what is missing if your hair is grey. This also means that the texture of the hair has also changed and it has less cuticle in-fact hair that is naturally grey is drier than normal hair. It therefore requires to be conditioned regularly to ensure it stays moist, use a deep conditioner once a week at least. Avoid using heat in itself as this will further dry out of the hair.
  3. Cover it: The sun adversely affects grey hair and even normal hair for that matter; it damages and causes the grey hair to turn yellow. If you do plan to stay out in the sun for long periods, wear a hat or a scarf for the fans of such. If you aren’t one, then you can invest in sunscreen that’s specifically meant for hair. You can also avoid leaving your hair out for long, to reduce the area getting into contact with the sun.
  4. Oil: If you have grey hair by now you know it requires some love when it comes to natural oils. They take it in gracefully and leave your hair all soft and shiny. Lightweight oil e.g. my favorite coconut oil, almond oil, teatree oil, avocado oil should be part of your regimen.
  5. Health: We always hear that what you put in your body determines how you look on the outside. The overall health of the body also leads to healthy hair. Water when drunk throughout the day, will help keep your hair hydrated from the inside out.

These tips can also be incorporated with those with normal hair color too.

That’s all from me; taking care of your hair should not be a hustle. The effort you take to ensure you look good should also be directed on your hair too. Trust me the results are worthwhile.

Till next time,

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