Reggae in the Sun


A mass of reggae fanatics, non-fanatics and the unsure fanatics are all squeezed under a white tent or ivory maybe considering every possible location it has ever been to and all the rough dirty hands of the humans who have handled it before. This therefore led to it losing its purity, color and what it was when it left the industrial factory. The ‘squeeze’ situation is as a result of what the clouds have decided to let down upon us. It always starts with a drizzle and before you know it, it’s raining cats and dogs as they say.

Reggae in the sun is the name of the event, the irony is beyond I know.

Go Down Arts Centre is where it took place, the scene was beautifully packaged with the reggae colors obviously that being: Red, Green, Yellow, Black and White too apparently. It was set to start at 11 a.m. but let’s blame it on Kenyan timing; the attendees started streaming in five hours later. The stage was in place with all the sound equipment needed to make the show a success. A display of stands providing delicious food, drinks, barbeque and of course some reggae merchandise was also available.



D.j Tsunami, D.j Namosky and many other deejays with the help of MC Philipo were busy on the decks dropping mixes of reggae tunes which was aimed to spice up the reggae mood among the audience of which it very much did. People were clearly enjoying the music, moving to the beats and dancing along in the company of their friends. The love child,Wyre, also took to stage and performed his major hit songs backed up by Iklektik band, as the crowd gathered to show support. A whole lot of performances followed by from Salma, Dula Wetu and many others.



As much fun as it was watching the artistes and the bands rocking the stage, the thing that didn’t make the cut was the sound. It was awful, the equipment were not exactly balanced. One couldn’t clearly hear the guitar plus the bass and drums were too loud. The microphones were not proper either; it’s as if a sound check wasn’t done prior to the show. Or maybe the sound engineer went missing in action and a quick alternative had to be generated. I don’t know much about sound to be honest but if someone like me could notice a hitch with all that, then definitely something was off. The sound company in charge should take note next time and recognize the importance of a sound check to avoid such issues. And again some of the bands seemed to be very much unprepared; some performances were not top-notch really. Mistakes were done but I guess such things are inevitable.

Oh and something else that was a little bit off or maybe I was the only one that noticed this. There was a group of girl dancers, aged between 18-20 years old maybe, seemed like they had cleared high school the other day.The teenagers who try too hard you know, from their hair, make up, to how they dress. I don’t want to go into detail into explaining their features, but all I’ll say is that it was a promotional strategy totally gone wrong. The crowd was not enticed by them at all. Instead of them pushing people to join in to the music it was more of stares and head shaking. It’s best to have dancers or “hype-people” who are directed to the theme and purpose of the event, if they were hired that is, if they weren’t then it’s safe to say that each and every one of us is entitled to the right of expression ey?

Due to the unexpected weather changes, guys dispersed and most missed the long-awaited Gravitti band performance (I too left early). Sadly Reggae in the sun ended with Reggae in the rain. We can only hope for a better next time with better performances, organized sound and team, band preparedness and definitely the weather to favor the event.

I, being the unsure fanatic went home a confused soul, not sure whether to join the reggae community or not.

What do you think?

One Love 🙂

Great week ahead people!

#staynatural #benatural #naturallynn



For more photos check out reggae in the sun Facebook page

Photos courtesy : Alvin Henry & Evans Ogeto (UnitedPix)



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