Grey is the New Black

I dislike it when someone I’m not close to touches my hair. It’s nothing personal; it’s just uncomfortable for me. So back in primary school I stuck to one lady called Wangechi, okay maybe my mum did cause they were close friends and well I had to follow suit. Usually I’d go to her place and she’d wash my hair, straighten it and then do some 7-8  lines, I didn’t like having too many cause they’d give me a headache when I’d be undoing them.

Wangechi was the first one to notice that I had bits of grey hair; I thought she was joking at first. So she brought a mirror and pin pointed as many as she could so I could see. I almost fainted guys; I remember her laughing so hard all this while I was thinking to myself that maybe I was sick or lacking nutrients in my body.  I was just 11 years old when I knew this and I figured that if I eat more Sukuma wiki then maybe that would change, I was wrong.

I plucked mine out back then but still have a few, I don’t get how fast they grow. It had gotten to a point where I’d dye my hair black to avoid the comments from people. It’s sad that I did all that, if only I knew having grey hair was naturally a stylish expression of a woman’s beauty as is black hair; I’d not do the things I did. Those like me who grey younger should understand that it’s all in the genes and nothing you do will change that.

Grey is the new black!

All one has to do is take good care of their hair, be it black, grey or brown; they all have the potential to look great in their natural state.  Understand that the way ordinary or colored hair is maintained should be different for you.

My next blog, out on Wednesday this coming week will be addressed on tips to guide one into going grey beautifully.

Till next time have a fantastic weekend.

#staynatural #benatural #naturallynn


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