Ramadan Mubarak

Its Ramadan season guys!!


The holiest time of the year when it comes to the Muslim calendar, oh yes it is. Every single day for the entire month, they fast from the sunup to sundown.

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Henna Hair Treatment

My mother is an avid henna treatment fan, she uses it on both her hair and nails. Not even once have I ever seen her nails clear of henna, and for those who know her you can also attest to that. Every last Friday of the month she’d give me the task of mixing henna powder and plain water in a bowl to form a paste, let it rest for around 30 minutes then she’d apply it on her hair from the roots upwards.

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Still a Mum


There are many things that can ruin your Sunday afternoon. For me, is when Kenya power willingly go ahead and decide that we need a break from the continuous supply of electricity, and so the black –out lives on. I am bored to death; I’ve done everything possible to lure it out but nothing.

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Tips on how to go Grey beautifully


As promised today is when we get to unravel a few tips on how to take care of your grey hair and ditch the dye. You have to do extra work with maintaining your hair as compared to those with normal/ ordinary hair.

Here goes:

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Reggae in the Sun


A mass of reggae fanatics, non-fanatics and the unsure fanatics are all squeezed under a white tent or ivory maybe considering every possible location it has ever been to and all the rough dirty hands of the humans who have handled it before. This therefore led to it losing its purity, color and what it was when it left the industrial factory. The ‘squeeze’ situation is as a result of what the clouds have decided to let down upon us. It always starts with a drizzle and before you know it, it’s raining cats and dogs as they say.

Reggae in the sun is the name of the event, the irony is beyond I know.

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