Sweet Nothings

Last weekend or so I decided to tag along to some wedding , with that means dressing up with the whole fuss on hair and make up,which I rarely focus on for those who really know me. Getting there ,there were some in jeans and the all that ‘wrong attire’, with that I felt so relieved that my efforts to dress well got me out of that  list. A revolution awakened in me and I vie to Continue reading


The Lifesaver everyone should use!!

Everyone has it, everyone uses it and lots of great benefits to this cheap beauty must have. Ever since I was aware of my existence I remember my mother forcing my siblings and I to use it. It bored me to death cause it didn’t exactly smell as nice as the ‘upcoming” moisturizers at the time, lotions. Continue reading

April & Oliver

20170108_091226I got this book from a dear friend of mine,  (don’t mind the worn out desk in the picture, lots of studying led to it looking like that ha! ) at first I didn’t exactly like it. I carried it around for months in my bag always thinking I’ll come around to reading it while in traffic maybe but that didn’t happen. I had lost the enthusiasm to read or even pick a book. A phase maybe.  Glad it passed and the moment I picked this book up to actually read it , I couldn’t stop myself. I was done in four freaking days, that’s how I roll my fellow friends 🙂 Mind you its 326 pages, I did well , yes I sure did.

Okay, lets dive in , shall we? Continue reading

Hey Dad!


I have this thing with hair, like black natural hair to be exact, grey too no prejudices here , no chemicals or anything on it just plain free hair. It’s very chic and adorable to look at, I believe every human on earth should just stick by it. I find it very intriguing how as a kid you are born with a ka small portion of hair and with each day, each month, each year more of it grows. ‘As a kid I never understood what I observed and some of it was strange,  but most of it disturbed me’, sorry that just came out ;), it’s the kids song  B.o.B, I just adore his music generally. Oh as I was saying, as a kid I never understood what all the fuss was all about, with hair that is. It’s like it was the main focus of each and every mother in town, to ensure that their girl had the overrated multicolored beads on each stand of hair available on their heads. Continue reading