Taking Stock one.


Hello my trusted followers, can’t remember the last time I was here, its been a minute huh? I’m deeply sorry, I’ll try my best to not let it happen again. It’s funny how I get excited when doing this, sitting on my laptop and typing as the words flow through my mind. I never really plan for this you know, I figure some planning wouldn’t hurt nobody right? Maybe with that I’ll manage to post more often.Next agenda it is then!

I’ve been seeing this ‘taking stock’ thing on the internet for a while now, I think it’s a really cool simple exercise that helps one slow things down and get to know where and who they are in life.

So here goes. . .

Making: Plans on how to experience life more, maturing at each level of anything I put my mind to and taking it day by day.

Cooking: Nothing at the moment , its one of those days you have late lunch and don’t see the point of cooking anything cause well, there’s just no point to it.

Drinking:A hot cup of water with some ginger,wish I had a couple of lemons and some honey, but for now guess this will do.I woke up today having this terrible sore throat and I can’t seem to make it go away.Guess the cold is creeping in.Eek!

Reading:Calico Joe by John Grisham , America’s favorite story teller if I must add.It’s a really enjoyable read , didn’t think I’d have this much fun reading it considering it’s based on a story revolving around baseball, a game I had zero knowledge on.

Wanting:To finish this book and on to the next one, want to go marathon on John’s books. They’re very interesting to me.

Playing: A game called 4 pictures 1 word, its as simple as it sounds but challenging too. Thought I’d be acing it right now, I’m at level 266, taking it a day by day remember.

Deciding: What to do after I’m done posting this.

Wishing: I had some lemons and honey, I’m in desperate need my friends.

Enjoying: Craving Yellow’s YouTube videos ,so inspiring, one of the few Kenyan bloggers I look up to. She’s just has this warm and appealing character that makes you feel happy and bubbly oh so suddenly. Always lifting my spirits. Go Tabitha!

Liking:The sound of silence.

Wondering: Who’s going to take the crown in the OLX SOMA awards Social Network Category Youtube Channel Award , this is going to be a tough one. I don’t even want to vote cause I’ll feel like I betrayed the other by not voting for them; but hey win or loose ya’ll got nominated and that’s something worth glowing about (thisisess & cravingyellow). At the end of the day they inspire us to better people.

Loving: The fact that tomorrow is a public holiday in Kenya this came so unexpected, Happy Eid al-Adha to all.

Hoping: That I’m doing things right and not basing everything on what the society is conformed to.

Needing: New dresses, the sun is out and we all have to dress the part ey 🙂

Smelling: Nothing in particular, my nose is all blocked unable to differentiate anything at the moment. Fix me Jesus.

Wearing: Some old tee, pajama pants and socks, all in black coincidence it is.

Listening: To Alain Ramanisum- Souffrance l’Amour on repeat, heard it on my partner’s playlist and haven’t stopped listening to it since then, I understand no single word but either way I’m loving it.

Noticing: I have a very weird taste in music, I don’t have a favorite genre whatsoever, whatever agrees with me , definitely stays.

Feeling: So grateful for everything going on in my life, whether good or bad.I embrace ’em and take them as life lessons.












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